Refinement & Transformation

The Chinese talk about Jade as being a very precious stone. It is formed when rocks deep under the ground are subject to intense pressure and heat over millions of years, until they change their structure and form to transform into something entirely different. Hence they are known as “Metamorphic” rocks. The resulting substance is very precious, but remember that this did not happen overnight or easily.

Jade uncut


People will inevitably undergo periods of change during their life, whether it be loss of a loved one, divorce, changing careers, approaching menopause or having a mid-life crisis. Acupuncture can be an immense support during these challenging times, and assist you to surrender to the change process and emerge victorious on the other side.


The concept of refinement into something precious relates to the Metal element in Chinese Medicine. Sometimes it can mean summoning the ability to cut things or people out of your life. After all how can you create a jade sculpture if you’re too scared to cut into the piece of stone in order to create a masterpiece. Criticism is one means by which we can feel cut, but perhaps it is essential so we can know how exactly to refine ourselves. On the other hand, when out of balance, the metal element can cause a person to become too perfectionistic and critical. In this case it is useful to use some acupuncture points with a warming and softening nature.




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