What is our philosophy?

At Restore Acupuncture we believe in using natural methods to preserve and restore health and emotional well being. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the mind, body and spirit as inter-linked. Therefore we focus on creating balance in all of these to achieve a harmonious state of being.

About Anoushka

After beginning a career in the corporate world, Anoushka discovered her passion for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine through her own experience of receiving acupuncture. Since then she has become increasingly amazed at what it has to offer. Anoushka uses a gentle style of acupuncture to assist people with various conditions, particularly in relation to their mental health and emotional well being. In practice she uses Traditional Chinese Medicine systems together with neuro-linguistic programming techniques and energy healing and clearing techniques to work towards a state of balance and health.


Qualifications and Experience

Anoushka has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) and is an AHPRA and AACMA registered acupuncture practitioner. Her post-graduate studies include Five Element Acupuncture which focuses on balancing and regulating the emotions, developing awareness of their personality and nourishing a person’s spirit. This awareness can assist a person to regulate their emotions and enhance they way they interact with the world.


Her experience has involved volunteering at a community centre which has assisted her to develop the skills needed to work with clients who have experienced shock or trauma in their past, and to help them to overcome those blocks when they are ready to. However in private practice she also welcomes clients who want to strive towards maintaining their wellness and health at the most optimal levels.