What is the meaning of humility?

Humility is a wonderful personality trait to discover in yourself. It doesn’t seem glamorous or bright and flashy at first glance, but it has the potential to create room for so much more contentment in peoples’ lives.

In Chinese Medicine this sort of person would be said to have a balanced ‘Shen’. When you hear them speak it comes across as grounded, balanced, truthful and humble. The meaning and feeling is conveyed from heart rather than the mind or tongue. When treating the Shen (the spirit) in Chinese Medicine, this is a great goal to have. Next time you walk past a mirror, try and catch a glimpse of your eyes in the mirror. If you are able to look into your eyes easily and love what you see or sense, then your Shen is doing well. On days when it is difficult or uncomfortable to look yourself in the eyes it is a sign that your Shen is not settled. Consider coming in for acupuncture to reconnect with that aspect of yourself

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