How to Meditate

What is meditation? A wise lady once told me that meditation is sitting in nature, watching birds, being at the beach, walking the dog, listening to your favourite music, being absorbed by something you love, creating an artwork, sitting in a cafe and people watching. Anything which takes you to a place of serenity. It’s a state of being rather than a goal.

Clients often ask me where to start. People who have experience with yoga or martial arts have usually developed a high degree of body awareness, and find it relatively easy to attain this meditative state. Acupuncture will allow most people to experience a state of relaxation, with the exception being highly strung people who like to keep all their emotions in a locked up box. There needs to be a process of letting go, surrendering and emptying yourself of your usual thoughts, feelings and patterns. It’s actually impossible to hold on and let go at the same time.

Body scan meditations are a great way to bring awareness to where there is pain or tension in your body and learn to release it. If you are looking for something a bit more advanced and have already figured out your chakras try out the video link to the right. It’s great to do just before going to sleep






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