Stress and Emotions

All emotions are valuable and useful when in balance, however when out of balance they can create a distorted emotional state. Five element acupuncture is a style of acupuncture which is specifically designed to treat the emotions. It can assist you to move and flow through the different emotional states with more ease. 



In nature the seasons show us these cycles, we see the world around us change from joy in summertime to solitude and hibernation in winter time, then new growth begins again in springtime. If you look closely you will find these cycles within your life. There is a time for excitement and a time to go within and be still. Sometimes people get stuck or find it difficult to move into the next stage, especially at the transition into a new season. This is when five element acupuncture can be particularly beneficial.

You may be able to receive a rebate from your Private Health Insurance.

Please check with your Health Fund to see if Acupuncture is covered.